Turbosystems HTX40681 700-850HP




✪ Compressor side Technical features:

Special point milling design 7+7 blades compressor wheel machined from the solid form
special grade aircraft aluminum.
Compressor air Intake diameter: 100mm
Compressor air Outlet diameter: 63mm
Compressor wheel:
✔ Inducer 68 mm
✔ Exducer 91 mm + extended tip
✪ Turbine side Technical features:
Special design 19 cm2, (AR 1,02) twin scroll turbine housing made from stainless steel suitable
to work with high temperatures. High flow 10 blades turbine wheel.
T4 flange twin scroll
3” V-band clamp connection for exhaust
Turbine wheel:
✔ Inducer 76mm
✔ Exducer 68mm